Travel Photography

"When traveling, with open eyes for people, culture and typical local things, but also for the little things that make a photo so charming and lasting.

No journey is too far to capture new impressions. And I'm already looking forward to the next discoveries."

2021 & 2023 -- Mauritius

Indian culture, roaring gods and the scent of Ylang-Ylang

The two trips to Mauritius were probably the most inspiring and wonderful stays abroad that I have ever experienced. I loved delving deep into the fascinating history of the island, tasting my way through the Indian delicacies, learning more about the deities, the customs and the culture.

2020 -- Seychelles

Frangipani, Giant Turtles & Endless Beaches

In the middle of the Corona period, I decided to take a long-distance trip to the Seychelles. The island of Praslin and the neighboring island of La Digue became my new home for two weeks and offered not only a maximum of fascinating nature, but also breathtaking beaches, Creole delicacies and exciting encounters...

2019 -- Tahiti

The absolute long-distance journey and craziest challenge I have ever faced in terms of a trip... I spent almost 2 days on my way to Polynesia to see the island where Gauguin painted, where the most beautiful flowers bloom, where you swim with wild rays and lemon sharks and the words sound like paradise, the air tastes like vanilla and you only realize that you've been to Tahiti when you're on the plane back home...


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